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Review added: May 5, 2009
Updated: August 31, 2011

MyPoints is an old and very reputable program. I've belonged to this site for over a decade now, and they've done a great job at keeping up with the evolving internet culture. MyPoints has never gone through a period of unsustainability or downtime. The site has been active and paying since day one, and has every appearance of continuing to do so in the future. They claim mainstream businesses like Overstock, Office Depot, Avon, Home Depot, and many others as their advertisers, which adds additional clout to the site. MyPoints is a very professional program and is one of my favorites.

The web site is clean and easy to navigate. The account section is chock full of information, including the status on completed offers. Even individual email is listed, with full information. They put up gift guides for every season and holiday, which I find very helpful. They also have free mini games and jackpots for random holidays, which is fun.

The currency at MyPoints is - as you may have guessed from the name - points. A single point is worth between 0.6-0.8 cent, depending on the level of gift card reward you choose. They offer gift cards to a wide range of merchants including Old Navy, Bloomingdale's, Macy's, and Target, amongst many others. You can even donate to the American Red Cross.

There are many different ways to earn with MyPoints. There are shopping rebates, surveys, emails, etc. - the usual things that you expect from these programs - as well as paid videos (commercials), and paid search (up to 75 points per month).

On the front page of the web site there are usually a few poll-type surveys, which lead you to a sponsored link worth five points. There is usually an offer associated with the link as well. For example, there may be a quick poll asking if you enjoy magazines, then a link will appear offering five points for visiting a magazine seller and 200 points for each magazine subscription. There is usually at least one of these every day, though it varies.

MyPoints typically sends 1-2 emails a day. About 75% of the emails offer five points for visiting the sponsoring advertiser, and an additional bonus for taking advantage of the offer. MyPoints also sends emails inviting you to take surveys, usually hosted by OTX. The surveys are worth 50-75 points. If you do not qualify for the survey MyPoints rewards 10 points just for trying, which makes the process of applying for a survey much more rewarding. It gets tiring applying for surveys at other sites, getting through 15 pages of demographic questions only to be told you did not qualify. At least MyPoints gives you a little something for your time. Having said that however, the actual payment for surveys at MyPoints isn't that great. You can make much more at a site dedicated to surveys, like Opinion Outpost, or even at AdPaid or QuickRewards.

The shopping section at MyPoints is huge and well-organized. They offer up to ten points per dollar spent, and usually have specials - like double points days - around holidays, or just because. They are constantly adding new merchants to this section. The shopping rebates are pretty good, though I sometimes find better rebates at QuickRewards.

Additional ways to earn points include filling out profile surveys, worth five points a piece; 3 points for each video watched; 100 points for downloading and using their search Toolbar, plus additional points per search; and ten points for printing out and using coupons. MyPoints offers a rewards credit card, which when used garners a certain number of points per dollar. In the Easy Points section there are videos, trial offers, registrations, and games, as well as a MaxPoints area which allows you to earn more points for completing multiple offers at once. You can refer your friends to MyPoints, via an onsite email, for 750 points per friend who joins and makes a shopping purchase. There is also a one time sign-up bonus of 100 points.

I have received several payments from MyPoints over the years, too many to count. My favorite reward is the $50 gift card to Old Navy, and I always receive it within two weeks of requesting it. I have no qualms in recommending MyPoints to friends and family, and I look forward to being a member for many years to come.

Other sites like MyPoints:
QuickRewards - Newer and pays in cash instead of points. Has some of the best shopping rebate rates around. One of my favorite programs. See my QuickRewards review.

Inbox Dollars - Pretty similar to MyPoints, but much smaller.

SwagBucks - The current behemoth. There's actually more earning potential at SwagBucks, but they haven't been around nearly as long as MyPoints.

More information on these and other programs is available on the Links page.



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