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Review added: June 18, 2009; Last update: August 31, 2011

Announcement: NeoBux just underwent a major overhaul of their ad system, and unlike some recent changes at other PTCs the changes at NeoBux are generally unfavorable. This is especially so for standard users. The four daily fixed advertisements are now worth 1/10th of one cent ($0.001) instead of one cent, and clicks from direct referrals are now worth only 1/20th of one cent ($0.0005) versus the old half a cent. Clicks from rented referrals are worth the old amount (half a cent), but as I discuss in my review below rented refs are a money loser at NeoBux.

At this point the new rules haven't been in effect for long enough for me to make a judgment, but I certainly can't recommend NeoBux as wholeheartedly as I used to. My earnings have halved since these changes were implemented, though I am still making money there. They also still pay, that hasn't changed. But these new changes are, frankly speaking, awful, and the way the admin has handled them is equally so. My impressions at this point (as a standard member two months after the changes) are that:

- Rented refs are a decent deal if you *only* use your "NeoPoints" to pay for them. 1000 NeoPoints will buy you $0.60 into your rental balance, which is one month's rental of three refs. In my experience you'll earn a little over $0.60 from those refs and by the time a month is up you'll have enough NeoPoints to pay to renew one for 90 days and one for 15-30 days. So you should be able to slowly ramp up the number of rented refs you have.

- The overall earning potential of this site is way down from what it used to be, unless you rent refs (which can be risky and is somewhat confusing at first). This makes the site much less user friendly.

- Direct refs aren't worth much of anything anymore, at least as a standard member.

- Personal earnings are next to nothing now, so unless you plan on renting refs or getting a huge downline of direct refs I honestly don't think this site is worth your time anymore. I make up to five cents a day by clicking on ads, and that's when I have the site open literally all day and refresh constantly. Normally I make about two cents a day in personal clicks. This saddens me as this site used to be one of the best!

There really aren't any good Bux sites left, but if you're looking for some similar sites to join here are a few options: ClixSense (a PTC, but not a Bux site - the basic difference is you can't rent referrals) also did an overhaul recently, and this one is much more positive for the average user. I've been impressed with their changes and am comfortable recommending them now. (It helps that I recently received a $50 PayPal payment from them!) WordLinx is another PTC (also not a Bux site) that I recommend. I've received multiple $10 payments from them over the years. You can buy refs at Wordlinx. Another site that I love is QuickRewards, which has a range of earning methods, including PTC. I make much more there than I ever did at NeoBux, though you can't rent or buy refs. Hopefully something in that list will make a good replacement for NeoBux for you!

This is a longer review of the site, that I've changed to reflect the overhaul. I've tried to be as accurate and honest as possible, though I don't know much about the Golden levels of memberships:

NeoBux is a Bux site, which is a category of PTC sites that's gotten a lot of bad press lately. Bux sites in general have a reputation for making their money and fleeing, usually after paying enough members to get some trust going so that members invest their own money into the site. is a current example of this. They also tend to be glorified MLMs (multi-level marketing) schemes, which are not only illegal in the United States but are also unsustainable. In my experience, NeoBux is one of the only honest Bux type sites out there right now, and it is not an MLM.

Like any PTC site, Bux sites are owned by different people, though sometimes one owner will start several sites or a site will be run by two or more people. NeoBux is owned by one man (from Portugal) who does not own any other sites, bux or otherwise - and he has made a point of mentioning in the forums that he will never open another site. The site has been online for over a two years now, and paying all that time.

NeoBux works pretty similarly to other Bux sites. You can click links every day, worth $0.001-$0.015 (0.1-1.5 cents) each, as a standard (free) member. NeoBux guarantees you a minimum of four links at one tenth (1/10) of one cent each every day, no matter what part of the world you are in. I average 10-20 1/10th cent links per day, plus 1-2 one cent ads. I rarely see "extended exposure" ads anymore, worth 1.5 cents.

The minimum payout for your first payment is $2, and then it goes up by $1 for each payment after that until you reach $10. You can request any amount over the minimum, i.e. there is no maximum payment amount. Payments are processed through PayPal, AlertPay, or NETELLER. You do not need a verified account at your chosen payment processor.

You can refer others to NeoBux using your referral link, and they then become your direct referrals. (The word "referral" is often shortened to "ref".) As a standard member, when your direct ref clicks a one cent link, you get 0.5 cent. Unfortunately those are pretty rare nowadays as the majority of the links are 1/10th cent, called "Micro Exposure". The only micro exposure ads that you get referral earnings from are the four orange fixed ads. You get 1/20th of a cent for each of those your direct ref clicks. (However, you get 0.5 cent for each one that your rented refs click, making the rented refs much more profitable than direct refs.) When a ref clicks a 1.5 cent link, you get one cent. You get nothing if your ref clicks on a 0.5 cent link.

Direct refs can be sold back to NeoBux provided they meet some standards. The $ sign to the right of the referral listing will turn green once they are sellable, and they can be sold for $1-$3 depdning on their average clicks. A direct ref must have a minimum of two clicks per day to qualify to be sold back to NeoBux, and this is only available for direct refs (i.e., not rented refs).

The other way you can make money on NeoBux is by renting referrals. These are people who are not anyone's direct referral. A referral will only become available for renting when they have clicked at least ten links in five days. The person may have just joined the site five days ago, or they might have joined a year ago and only recently become active enough to be rented out. They could also have been a rented referral in the past who was not renewed by the person who rented them. The rented referral will not know that you have rented them - it is anonymous. (You can choose to mask your screenname as well, so the person renting you will only see a number, not your real username.) Most refs have their username masked.

As a standard member each rented referral costs 20 cents per month adn the minimum purchase is three rented refs. A month is 30 days. The prices are cheaper for upgraded members, but the prices for these members go up once they've passed certain numbers of rented refs. Each ref is more expensive when you have 501 rented refs vs 499 rented refs, as an example. Standard members are capped at 300 rented refs. You earn the same amount of money from your rented refs as from your direct refs.

Since this is a rental, your refs expire at the end of the rental period. (Your direct refs only expire if they quit or are inactive for 60 days, in which case their account is closed.) In order to keep your rented ref you must renew the rental before it expires. You can choose to renew for 15, 30, 60, or 90, 150, or 240 days. It's best to renew for the longest amount of time that you can, since you get an increasingly larger discount. For example, if you renew for 90 days you get an 18% discount off the normal price. For the full list of discounts, consult this NeoBux forum post.

Autopay is another renewal option, which will automatically renew a referral for one day each day that the referral clicks. For example, say you just rented 10 new refs today and turned on Autopay. If three of those refs click today then those three refs will each have an additional day tacked on to their rental time, but the other seven will not. The money to pay for the autopayment is taken out of your rental balance if you have enough, or your main balance otherwise. This feature only works as long as the rented referral has at least 20 days left in their rental period.

If you choose not to renew a referral there is a one-time charge of two cents, which will come out of your main balance (not your rental balance). This is supposed to encourage users to recycle their inactive refs rather than let them expire.

Just because rented referrals have met the minimum for becoming a rented ref - that is, 10 clicks in five days - that does not mean that they will continue to click like that for you. Sometimes you will rent a ref who will never, not even once, click for you. More often, they start off clicking well but then slowly taper off into nothing. You have to maintain a pretty high average rented ref click rate as a standard in order for your rented refs to be profitiable for you. To pay for the initial renting fee, with a rental period of 30 days, the refs must click an average of 1.33 one cent or fixed micro exposure links each day. To pay for a 90 day renewal, with the 18% discount, the rented refs must click an average of 1.09 links every day. Any amount above this will be pure profit to you. However, in my experience, very few refs maintain a profitable clicking rate for long.

There are a few options for getting rid of bad rented referrals. One is to just let them expire when their rental time is up. This is a good option if you have a week or less left in the rental period, are not planning on renewing, and are willing to accept the two cent fee. A second option is to wait for the system to automatically recycle them, which will happen if the rented ref has not clicked one single link for 14 days. As you can imagine that rarely happens, plus by then you've paid a hefty opportunity cost by wasting 14 days on a dud clicker. The third option is to recycle the ref yourself. This costs 7 cents as a standard member. The rented ref will be replaced by a new ref who meets the 10 links in five days rule, but the new ref will only be rented to you for the remainder of the old ref's rental period. For example, if you recycle a ref who has 21 days left in their rental period, then your replacement ref will also only have 21 days left.

It is very difficult - though by no means impossible - to make money off rented refs as a standard member, especially if you pay for them out of your actual earnings. If you use your Nep Points balance instead then it's far more likely to be profitiable, and the argument can be made that the only way to make a decent amount on this site now is by doing exactly that. (Your NeoPoints can also be used for advertisements.) Renting refs is a fun challenge however, and I enjoy this aspect of the site. Just don't bite off more than you can chew if you choose to try this out. It can become more work than it's worth.

As I mentioned a couple times above, NeoBux offers upgraded memberships. The fee to become a Golden member is $90 per year. The most expensive membership is Ultimate, which costs $890 a year on top of the $90 Golden membership fee. Some members have a Pioneer membership, which was given out when NeoBux was in pre-launch. It is no longer available. Each level of upgraded membership garners you more benefits, mostly lowered rental fees, more personal ads to click (Goldens are guaranteed nine ads per day), and higher click values (ref clicks are worth one cent for Golden members, vs the 0.5 cent for standards). If you have a lot of referrals - direct or rented - it makes sense to upgrade to Golden, since your ref clicks will be worth twice as much. However it is difficult to rent new refs as a Golden member, so it makes sense to build your number of refs before upgrading.

NeoBux has a pretty good forum that's very active, though it has been accused of employing a gag order lately. (Basically any posts complaining about NeoBux are deleted.) The admin is also present on the forum, and posts updates pretty often. Definitely make a point to read the NeoBux News section of the forum a couple times a week to see what the admin has planned for the site. There are sometimes polls, too. The forums are a great place to ask any questions you have, though of course be sure to check out the help page and FAQ before asking in the forum. The forum search feature is also very useful.

I've been paid by NeoBux several times, always with no problems, and have also rented referrals. To be frank, I have not found renting referrals to be profitable as a standard member, except when using NeoPoints to pay for them. There are many strategies for managing your referrals discussed on the forum, and I suggest you read some of those before embarking on the renting journey yourself.

Overall, I enjoy NeoBux and recommend it to others. I wouldn't invest my own money right off the bat to buy referrals, as it's so difficult to make any money off of them as a standard member. However I'm a cautious person and don't like taking risks, so take that with a grain of salt. ; ) NeoBux really isn't a great PTC for those not interested in renting refs however, since the click values are so low.

Note about server time: I get a lot of questions asking me about server time. The NeoBux server is in the United States, in the Eastern time zone (or GMT -5). If you look on the "View Advertisements" page there is a small bar right above the ads. It tells you what time your advertisement clicks reset and also what the server time is. Look at the server time and look at your own time. Figure out how far ahead or behind you the server is. For example, if it's currently 1pm for you but the server time is 16:00 (4pm), then the server is three hours ahead of you. This means that the day for the server will be over when it is only 9pm for you. This doesn't matter if you're just a regular cicker. This does matter if you have any referrals, direct or rented, because in order to receive all of your referrals' earnings you need to click every single day according to server time (not according to your time). If you miss a day, then you don't get credit for your referrals the next day. So it's important that you click either after your ads reset and before server midnight, or after server midnight and before your ads reset. If you need help with this you can contact me using the contact page (link at bottom of page).


Other sites like NeoBux:
Well, there aren't any sites just like NeoBux that I can recommend anymore. OnBux appears to be kaput. Here are some other sites that I do recommend, though not all of these are open to international members:

QuickRewards - See my QuickRewards Review for more info.

ClixSense - Can earn a decent amount in personal clicks here, but refs can't be rented or bought.

WordLinx - 1/10th to one cent per click, can buy refs for 70 cents each, been online and paying for many years. See my comparison review of WordLinx and ClixSense.

SwagBucks - Took me a while to join this one, but there really is a huge earning potential here. Search the internet, play games, do the daily poll, watch Swagbucks TV, and much more. I make at least 50 SwagBucks a day (a $5 Amazon gift card is 450 SwagBucks).

More information on these and other programs is available on the Links page.



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