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Review added: May 17, 2009; Last update: August 31, 2011

QuickRewards is one of my favorite rewards programs. The site is easy to navigate, the owner is friendly and active, and they pay very quickly. This site falls into several categories, namely PTC (Paid to Click), PTR (Paid to Read), PTSU (Paid to Sign Up), and even rewards program with their fantastic shopping rebates. It is a well-rounded site with a whole lot to offer.

QuickRewards (sometimes just called "QR" by members) uses cash, Quick Points (abbreviated as "QP" on the site), and tokens for currency. Quick Points are worth 1/100 of one cent each, and are automatically converted to cash in increments of 100. Tokens are worth far less and can be used to buy gift certificates, and a few other little prizes like magazine subscriptions. Usually tokens are an added bonus, not the only payment for completing a task.

There are several options for cashing out. You can choose to have the funds sent directly to your PayPal account with no minimum, though they do ask that you not request cash-out more than once per day. You can donate to the Red Cross in increments of five dollars, or you can purchase gift certificates or gift cards to various merchants, sometimes at a discounted price. In the past they've had a deal on Starbuck's GCs where you could buy a $20 GC for only $18.

There are many ways to earn money at QuickRewards, and you can easily earn about 10 cents a day by just clicking links in emails or on the site, and watching a few short videos. They send multiple emails a day either with paid advertisements or with invites to surveys. They also have a plethora of links on their site every day, and there are no turing numbers to get through or timer bars to wait for. There's usually a link on the front page worth one cent, then several more links throughout the site worth between 5-50 Quick Points each (or 0.05-0.5 cent each). Just click on "Daily Clicks" and be sure to visit each section.

QuickRewards hosts daily surveys from the big names in the survey field, with some of the best payment rates. They also have videos for daily viewing, worth 50 Quick Points each. The number of videos varies, though recently there have been 6-8 per day. There is a referral program, where you can earn 5% of your referral's earnings. (This does not come out of the referral's earnings: it is an additional amount rewarded by QuickRewards.) They reward you for signing up for offers, with usually unbeatable rates, and have new portals with even more offers. They even reward you for visiting their daily shopping and news blogs, both of which are worth a visit anyway. The admin uses these blogs to keep everyone updated on new ways to earn, contests, any issues the site may be experiencing, etc.

All of these earning options are great and are reason enough to join, but for me the best reason to belong to QuickRewards is to take advantage of their awesome shopping rebate program. You can get 4.2% back at Barnes and Noble, 2.75% at Macy's, 3.3% at Old Navy, 4.1% at Target, 2.1% at Babies R Us, and similar amounts at literally hundreds of online stores, and even a few off line. If you don't see a store you need, just email the site admin and they'll try to add it for you. (In order to get the rebate through QuickRewards be sure to visit the site in question through the QuickRewards web site. E.g., if you want to get that 3.3% back at, log into your QuickRewards account, click over to the shoping area or do a search for Old Navy, click the Old Navy link from the shopping area, then shop away! It'll automatically be added to your QuickRewards account, usually in a matter of hours.)

QuickRewards has one other feature which I really enjoy, which is their Daily Check List. It lists all of the various ways you can earn daily on the site. When you click one of the items on the list, it takes you to that area of the site and puts a little bar at the top of the screen with a link to the next item on the list. You can follow the links through the entire list. Since QuickRewards has so many different ways to earn it can be overwhelming at first, and even once you're used to it you can sometimes forget some options. This is a great way to keep it all organized.

I really enjoy QuickRewards! They're honest and forthright, the site is easy to use and they make it even easier to earn all the cash you can. The shopping rebates are in most cases the best I've ever found online, and the rates for links, sign-ups, surveys, etc. are similarly fantastic. This site has a loyal membership base and you can easily see why. I've been paid several times by Quickrewards. The latest was $10.03 on Aug 3, 2011.



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