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Review added: August 31, 2011; Last update: August 31, 2011

If you're a member of Facebook or Twitter you've probably heard of SwagBucks by now. The program lets members advertise their referral links on those two sites (as well as on personal websites), and many people do so. It's also quite popular right now so people everywhere are talking about it.

For some reason I avoided joining SwagBucks for a long time. I had a lot on my plate plus I was already part of many great rewards programs, and I just didn't understand the appeal of this new(er) program. I sort of regret that now as I think I lost out on quite a bit of money!

SwagBucks is a rewards site, which means you're rewarded for doing various actions. It's somewhat similar to other sites in this category, such as MyPoints, QuickRewards, and InboxDollars, but with a few notable exceptions. The biggest exception is being paid to search, which is what got SwagBucks famous to begin with. Payouts are in the form of gift cards to various online stores as well as via PayPal. The best deal is a $5 Amazon gift card for 450 Swag Bucks (usually abbreviated as SBs), making each SB worth just over one cent. You can easily save up for one of those in ten days or less.

There are a myriad of ways to earn on the site, but I'll just quickly run through my favorites:

1. Searching the web - This is what fueled SwagBucks's rise to the top and is still a big money (or SB) maker on the site. You simply search the web like you would normally do, but while using the search engine found on the SwagBucks website. Randomly every few searches you'll be rewarded some Swag Bucks, typically ranging from a low of 6 to a high of 11, but occasionally up to a max of 50. The most I've seen is 28, but 12-15 is pretty common. You do have to weed through sponsored links in the search results, and the results aren't as good as what you get from Google or Bing, but it's not bad. I rarely get more than five random rewards per day, and it truly is random. You can make searching easier for you by downloading the SwagBucks toolbar, or making SwagBucks your home page, or (my favorite way) by using the search keyword trick in Firefox.

2. Special Offers - There are a lot of different offers available at SwagBucks, from signing up for Netflix to watching a short commercial. Some of the offers are worth thousands of SBs which is pretty awesome if it's something you were going to do anyway, and works like a coupon for something you were on the fence about.

3. Watching SwagBucks TV - There are a plethora of videos in the SwagBucks TV section, with the most available in the celebrity news and cooking categories. You earn 3 SBs once your meter goes to 100%, and it typically takes ten videos to get to 100%. This sounds like it would take forever, but like normal TV you don't have to sit there and stare at it the whole time. It's a great way to earn some SBs while hearing about the latest celebrity gossip from E!, or learning how to repair a tiled floor. There's an upper limit on earnings from this section of 75 SBs daily.

4. Playing games - There aren't too many games available in the games section but they're all the fun, brainless flash variety you know and love. Randomly get two SBs when you go back to the game details page or the games section after watching the intro commercial and playing the game. There seems to be a max of five times you can get the 2SB reward, but you can play the games as often as you like. There are also tournaments where you can earn much more.

5. Daily polls and NOSO - The daily poll takes just a few seconds and is worth 1 SB. The NOSO (No Obligation Special Offers) is a pathway of sign-up offers that when you get all the way through pays 2 SBs. You don't have to participate in any of them to get the 2 SBs. Just keep hitting the "Skip" button to go through and get your reward. Of course if you're interested in any of the offers, then fill out your info and hit "Submit" instead of "Skip".

6. Surveys - To be honest, the surveys at SwagBucks don't pay very well. You're better off signing up for an actual survery site, like Opinion Outpost, or doing the surveys at AdPaid, QuickRewards, or Inbox Dollars. However if you don't want to join another site just to do surveys then it's convenient to have them available at SwagBucks. They typically pay 50 SBs, which is roughly worth $0.55.

There are a few other ways to earn at SwagBucks, including shopping and cell phone trade-ins. I only tried to give you a rough outline of my favorite features, but it's certainly possible that you'll have different favorites!

Like any other rewards program you're not going to make a fortune at SwagBucks, but you should be able to make enough (in a reasonable amount of time) to buy yourself some new toys or help supplement your income a small amount. Those Amazon GCs come in quite handy. I typically make 50 SBs a day without going too far out of my way. A few search rewards (usually 25-30 SBs), a couple game rewards (4 SBs), the daily poll and NOSO (3 SBs total), and some SwagBucks TV watching get you to 50 pretty quickly. The most I've earned in a single day without actually signing up for something big, doing surveys, or going shopping through the SwagBucks site was 120 SBs. That's over $1.33 toward a $5 Amazon gift card just for doing entirely free, no obligation, fairly brainless things on the site, many of which are actually fun to do. It's easy to work this site into a busy day at home or at work.

I'm still exploring SwagBucks and learning which parts are for me and which I'd rather do elsewhere, but so far I'm very impressed. I recommend this program to anyone looking to make a few extra bucks doing things they'd likely be doing anyway!


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